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My name is Ivonne Capecchi I am a plastic artist dedicated to Glass and Vitrofusion I have more than 38 years of experience making stained glass and Fusion glass. I dedicate myself to creating spaces full of light and color in residences, hotels, restaurants and any space that needs to be filled with magic through the wonderful shapes that we can achieve with colored glass.

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Large Scale Panels

Stained glass designs that are created to cover a significant portion of a window or wall. These panels often feature intricate patterns and designs that can range from traditional to modern, and are typically used to add beauty and character to a space. With careful attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, large scale panels can create a stunning focal point in any room, while also providing privacy and filtering natural light.

Glass Art & Sculptures

Using primarily a technique that involves heating and melting multiple layers or pieces of glass together to create a single piece. This process usually takes place in a kiln at high temperatures, typically ranging from 1,100 to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit (590 to 815 degrees Celsius).

Detailed / Glass Painting

Unique and beautiful art form that involves applying specialized paint to glass surfaces to create intricate designs and patterns. This technique has been used for centuries to create stunning works of art, from religious stained glass windows to decorative pieces for homes and businesses.